Saturday, November 3, 2012

my book of creativity

This little brown sketchbook caught my eye as I walked down the isle in an art store. I love art stores. I could spend hours simply sifting through the wide variety of materials and flipping through the pages of a stack of art books. As an artist there's something about opening up a fresh new page that gets my creative juices flowing. If you're not an artist perhaps you can relate to it as the same feeling you get when you turn to an empty page in your journal. 

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”
― Pablo Picasso


  1. love the new look, Sarah Jane! :) and your pictures are LOVELY... the photographs, and the painting. Wow. You are quite talented! Music, and painting, and cooking. Yes. ;) xx.

  2. Wow...your painting is lovely! You're really good at drawing and painting and stuff. My dad is, too, but I didn't seem to get the gene for art. :P

  3. Oh, I know just what you mean, I love getting a fresh, new sketchbook.
    Picasso is quite right too, it's fun to go through my past sketchbooks and see what I like to draw back then and how much I've learned since then. =)


  4. I love it! That is an amazing feeling.

  5. BEAUTIFUL drawings! You are such a talented girl Sarah!

  6. We awarded you!!


  7. You inspire me to paint again, Sarah Jane..

    1. Same here.

      Your artwork is beautiful!