Friday, November 9, 2012

it's your birthday gift exchange!!

Hey girls! If you love receiving gifts in the mail then this is the thing for you. Katherine was kind enough to ask me to co-host a gift exchange! This looks like it will be great fun for everyone, so make sure you check it out and participate if you can! Here is a copy of Katherine's original post with all the rules.


Hey there everyone! I'm sooo excited to announce to you today my first time hosting a gift exchange!!

The original idea came one day when I saw Elisha hosting one and I decided I wanted to do one myself.
So, enough talk. You interested in participating?? I'm so excited to do this, and I hope you are to!!

 *****Please follow me and Sarah if you would like to participate*****

If your new to gift exchanges.. let me explain :
 A gift exchange is when you are paired up with a secret partner, and you visit their blog(having a blog to do this is mandatory), learn about them, and then put together a package for them, and send it to them!
The main point of this gift exchange is to celebrate everyone!! Hence the name of this exchange. We want to celebrate everyone, no matter if it's your birthday or not! Fun, right?

So what are the rules? Simple. If your interested in participating in this exchange you must comment below with the following info-
 1- your name
2- your email and your address (we must have this; if you want.. you can contact me here with it instead)
3- five things that you love.(so your partner can know what you like) 4- your blog link.5- any other info we should know about you.. :)

 Now there are some other rules.. deadlines, actually.
Before you comment with your 6 things listed above.. you must look over these deadlines, so you can know what you must do.

(1) You have TWO weeks to enter yourself in this gift exchange!! Starting today, November 7th, through November 21st. After November 21st, the entries will not be accepted, so hurry and spread the word so lots of people can have fun!!
(2) Once the entries are all in, we will be pairing people up! Keep checking your email, so you can find out who your partner is!!! :)
(3) Going along with that.. once we have sent the email out to you all telling you who your partner is, you will have ONE WEEK to get your package together and send it out! You must send it out on time.. BY November 28th.. or your partner will be gift-less. :( Please let us know in much advance if you must cancel your participation!

Once everyone has gotten their package, there will be a link-up on December 1st, where everyone will do a post including pictures that tells what they got!!
(this is so your partner can see how you felt about your package, and me and Sarah can see too!)

and let's have a big birthday partaayy!!