Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flexi Clip Review

Awhile back I won a flexi clip from Katherine at A Life Worth Living. It's a beautiful clip and I was pleasantly surprised at just how flexible it is. Even though it's only a medium, it comfortably holds all of my hair--which is rather thick. I don't put my hair up much, but I will definitely be using this!

It was packaged in a pretty pink paper and also came with a little instruction card with a few starter hairstyles. I would definitely recommend the flexi clip!


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  1. I have two mini ones and a big one, and I really like them. :)

  2. I wear mine practically everyday! Bobby pins never worked...because my hair is real thick too. =D


  3. Looks really pretty! I tagged you at my blog (Scribblings of a Dreamer):

  4. Nice review Sarah and I love mine as well!! =)