Monday, October 29, 2012

she's leaving

How quickly autumn came in and how quickly it's leaving. Wasn't it just yesterday that the edges of the leaves were turning shades of cinnamon read, burnt orange, and cadmium yellow? Today I look out my window and see only twisted bare branches and a fierce windy. It's chilly enough to break out sweaters, long socks, and hot tea. 

Today I was remarking to my sister how all the leaves seem to be losing their trees. mean the trees losing their leaves. duh.

And yesterday "I don't like to eat duck eggs... I don't really like to eat chicken eggs either" "oh yeah, we buy chicken eggs all the time."  I meant fresh ones. *cough*

It's been that kind of a week, girls. And imagine... it just started. :)


  1. haha! and yes, I can't believe the leaves are already going so fast! ah!!

  2. =D, I get my phrases mixed up sometimes, the kind that are almost interchangable like : "thanks all the same" and "thanks none the less" into, "Thanks none the same!" Or thanks all the less!"
    They don't get the right meaning across!
    I really like the last picture, God makes such beautifuly colored leaves...


  3. that last picture is this much (spreads arms wide) divine.

  4. I totally know what you mean, it did seem like just yesterday I was looking out to a bounty of colors, and now it's all bare branches.
    I don't mind though, it means the holidays are just around the corner :D


  5. Love the pictures!! :)

  6. This made me laugh so hard. XD