Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A few tips to keep stress from taking over.

 The days right after the holidays are always jam-packed with returning to school, cooking, baking, preparing for upcoming competitions and contests, and of course keeping up with all the norm. Ahhhh!!! No wonder I'm stressed!! What do you do when stress is taking over and pulling you down? I have found a few of these tips to be helpful in reducing my stress levels and helping me to stay calm.

 1. Schedule my day - If I don't have a schedule, I'm lost! I get sidetracked and forget how much I really have to do! I also worry that I'm going to forget something that is important and needs to be done. I need a schedule for the day as well as one for the week and for the month. I need to know exactly what I have to get done! 

 2. Have my devotions in the morning - if I don't, it is very likely that I will either rush through them later in the day or not do them at all! When I skip or rush through them I feel very empty and disappointed in myself. I have to keep my eyes on Jesus and be in His word everyday to be at complete peace.

 3. Keep my room clean - this one perhaps is the hardest for me when I am really busy! I leave out school papers, school books,  I accidentally drop crumbs, and forget to clean up my clothes. When my room is in that conditions and I walk into it - I immediately become depressed and overwhelmed with all I have to do!

 4. Make time to keep up journaling, emailing friends, and reading - this is really important, because these things can quickly pile up and leave me even more stressed. Besides, these are things that I really enjoy and they are great ways to let out my feelings and let something else occupy my mind for a while.

 5. Have plenty of chocolate and tea on hand - Chocolate = instant stress reliever! Tea = instant mind soother!

 6. Don't procrastinate, don't get sidetracked, and don't spend to much time on the computer! :)

 7. Get plenty of sleep and eat healthy - except for the chocolate of course! 

 This was easy to write, but now to put it into practice, right?!?!

 What are you doing to keep your stress levels down? :)


  1. wow, I was so blessed by reading this, Sarah!
    this was a completely timely and inspirational message for me. i'm not going to skip devotions anymore.

    kindred spirit.

    1. I am thrilled that it inspired you, girl!

      Kindred Spirit.

  2. Hello Sarah!
    Wow! You sound a lot like me! This is a wonderful blog post and is filled with sound advice, keep up the good work! :)

    P.S What a cute blog you have! Thank you for following my blog. Looking forward to reading more posts from you! xxx

    1. Aww, thanks Perrin!

      And thanks for following my blog! I am looking forward to being one of your regular readers! :)