Monday, January 23, 2012

Yearning for spring...

 I can't seem to stop thinking about spring. I keep remembering the lush green grass, the bright blue skies, the scrumptiously sweet breezes, the birds singing their morning songs, the sweet smell of flowers, and the sun shining brightly down on me.

 I have even found myself wanting to let the damp cold soil run through my hands and watch all the creepy crawlies run as I start to dig! I keep wishing that the time to plant herbs, vegetables, and flowers were here! I love dropping the precious little seeds into the soil, tenderly watering them, and then patiently waiting for them to grow.

 And then.... one day it sprouts! Oh what a glorious moment that is! Amazement, pride, and thankfulness wash over me in an instance and then I'm on my knees carefully examining what little treasure God gave life to.

 And that my friends, are just some of the reasons I love spring!

 Why do you love the spring?


  1. Because I don't have to wear a coat anymore!!!! And I can go outside in my bare feet :-)

  2. I also love spring! There are many reasons why I love spring, but I think the main reason is because with the coming of spring seems to come beauty, joy and hope, and everything is growing again after sleeping during winter!

  3. Two reasons why:

    1. the way dew drops cluster on yellow petals
    2. the perfume-like scent of flowers floating in the wind
    it's just all kinds of lovely.

  4. You just wrote the reasons why I like spring so much. I adore gardening, and watching things bloom and grow. :)