Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Celebrations!

I do believe I must have the best family ever! I am so blessed! Thursday we got together with my Dad's family. They are the funnest and sweetest people alive! We had a blast opening presents, reading the Christmas story, listening to Christmas music, and eating lots of yummy food! On friday my family celebrated at home by ourselves and with Mom's side of the family later in the day. On Saturday we went to Gray Brothers Cafeteria and then to my great grandma's house to open gifts with my Dad's extended family. We were a joyful bunch with much fun and laughter ringing through the room!! Today we had a great church service and were throughly refreshed. Afterwards we had a lovely Christmas dinner at my house with my grandparents. I hope your Christmas was just as merry as mine!

Merry Christmas!!!

Here are some pictures of my Dad's family who are the best people in the whole wide world :) I only wish my aunt, uncle, and cousins lived closer!

 (left to right) Uncle Steven, Aunt Erica, and family;   Mema and papa;  Grandma Carter;  and my family

Then Henry Ladies

The Henry Men

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  1. I'm naturally overjoyed to know your holiday was as sweet and pleasing as a summer day's frolicking! It must have been wonderful spending time with your faraway relatives after so long a parting! :) Lovely festive pictures!!