Monday, January 13, 2014

DYI mug

I'm always looking for cute crafts to do. These hand-painted mugs make perfect gifts!

You will need:
-a ceramic mug(s)(Old Time Pottery is a great place to get them)
-rubbing alcohol
-enamel paints
-Ceramic marker or oil based sharpie marker

First clean the outside of your mug with rubbing alcohol. This ensures that the paint has a clean surface to stick to. Next draw out your design with your marker. You might want to practice on a sheet of paper first. Once the marker hits the cup, it's not coming off! Next you can begin to paint. The paint will rub right off if you make a mistake. When you are finished let your cup air dry for 1 hour. The next step is very important if you want your mug to withhold washing: place your mug in the oven and turn it on to 350F.(it's important that you put the mug in before you preheat the oven! Otherwise your mug might crack.) Bake for 30 min., and then let it completely cool in the oven before you remove it.

And then ta-da! You have a cute new mug that YOU made! ❤

P.S. I've seen these decorated JUST with ceramic markers before and they look pretty awesome too, if you aren't much of a painter! 

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  1. It's so pretty! I'll definitely have to try it some time!