Tuesday, January 14, 2014

breakfast with Sarah

Good morning!! This morning I started off the day with a smoothie bowl! It was simple and delicious and the best part is, it is very nutritious too. Filled with fruits and topped with nuts, oats, or whatever you want, it is a perfect way to kickstart your day. I also had a hard boiled egg to add some protein, but it wasn't pretty enough to get in the picture ;)

Berry Smoothie Bowl ~
1 frozen banana
a couple handfuls of frozen blueberries
2 spoonfuls of greek yogurt(this is optional)
2-4 tablespoons lemon juice(I love lemon, so I did 4)
1/2 cup water*

In a blender combine the banana, blueberries, yogurt, lemon juice, and water. Pour into a bowl and top with pretty much anything! I used banana slices, pecans, and oats. 

This recipe is so versatile. You can use any fruit combination so long as you keep the frozen banana--it's what give the smoothie it's creaminess. Or you could use yogurt instead. I prefer to keep the yogurt amounts down since dairy is tough on my stomach.

This is a regular smoothie bowl, but you could step it up and make it a superfood smoothie bowl! By adding food like chia seeds, grass powder, maca powder to the main smoothie and puffed quinoa, hemp seeds, and bee pollen to the top, you double the nutritional value. There are a million possibilities! 

*you could also use milk instead of water. Too much milk makes my stomach hurt, so I love that this recipe does not need it. Also good healthy substitute for regular milk would be almond, coconut, or rice milk. I have tried almond milk, and it is delicious.

Just play around with it! I don't think you can mess this smoothie up... if you can, I tip my hat to you :)


  1. ooooh that looks yummy :) i like recipes i can play around with, too!

    1. Maybe for folks like you, but me personally I prefer the berries on their own. I don't like bananas or yogurt- I suppose I should be concerned but I make up for it by eating just about everything else. And I mean everything. Yol Bolsun!