Monday, October 1, 2012

church picnic

most our pathetically small teen group(sorely lacking in girls) + my brother

lots of people enjoying talking and watching some of the games

my papa grilling hamburgers

some of the women playing cornhole. This games is harder than it looks :)

Lauren and I being goofy. Since the wind wouldn't let us play, we just balanced the rackets on the palms of our hands and raced to see who could get to the net without dropping it.
playing patty-cake
the bounce house
Lauren and I had to try it out even though it really was for the little kids....guys, a bounce house is pretty fun!

Mary LOVED the bounce house and that's practically all she did.

*all picture credit goes to Kathryn
P.S. Look for several more posts this week!


  1. Yes, bounce houses are fun, no matter what age you are!
    And that photo of you playing patty cake was precious! <3


  2. That sounds like so much fun! And, I absolutely LOVE bouncy houses! lol!(:


  3. i love these.

    you mean you jump like a child in red and yellow bouncing castles? i think i like you even more. and mary is growing right before my eyes - longer hair, bluer eyes, new teeth. also the food + youth group moment in the first picture is, well, crazy addicting to look at. you guys look like you're loving each other's company.

    enjoy tonight's movie. and save me a slice of pizza, will you?

    soul sister

  4. Looks like a lot of fun Sarah!! =D