Friday, September 28, 2012

egg bloopers

Generally I'm a fairly good cook--meaning I don't burn things too much. My biggest weakness is trying to think about something or do some other task while I'm trying to cook. Well that's what happened here.  Every morning I make myself a cheesy egg for breakfast. So like any typical morning I cracked an egg, whisked it up, poured it in the pan, and sprinkled on some cheese, salt and pepper. But then what did I do? Walked away. I strolled back into my sister's room and started chatting about something--which I can't remember now. But what I do remember is suddenly screaming "my egg!!!". I rushed into the kitchen to find my--suppose to be scrambled egg--the consistency and texture of a tortilla. It was piping hot and as rubbery as a toy duck. :/

I tried one more time, but the pan was so hot that it ended up looking like sticky white glue. I gave up and ate cereal instead.

P.S. Thanks for your replies to my last post. It seems like everyone likes my for the time being I will keep it the same :)


  1. hahaha OH NO!!! That is so funny, but don't feel bad. ;) I did something similar too before. :)

  2. Oh I did that once! Ugh, it's horrible, but you learn from your mistakes :)

  3. Oh Sarah, I absolutely hate it when I mess up while cooking something. I've made MAGOR mistakes before on homeade bread, and banana bread, but I like to thing - I never make the same mistake twice :)


  4. Oh, that SO sounds like me! I have to concentrate on what I'm doing, or else I'll mess up!