Monday, April 30, 2012

Questions and answers.

Thanks to Miss ALK for tagging me! Here are her questions with my answers..

1. What are your favorite TV shows and why?

I like I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Ozzie and Harriet, Mr. and Mrs. North, and Dick Van Dike. I like them because...IDK Haha, I guess each one has its own reasons why I like it.

2. What's your favorite treat to bake?

Oh my goodness! Cookies! Yes, definitely cookies! Um, peanut butter chocolate wait...maybe chocolate crinkles?? 

3. Best vacation that you've been on?

A couple of years ago my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and my family went to Tennessee! We stayed in a big log cabin and had a blast!

4. Favorite songs of the moment?

Almost any Secret Garden songs. Have you listened one before? Give it a try! They're beautiful!

5. Do you play any Facebook or iPhone/iPod games?

Nope! I'm not much of a game player...

6. Would you rather text or talk on the phone?

Well, considering I don't like to talk on the phone...probably texting. But I've never actually texted before. Unheard of right? Well, I don't have a phone...

7. Is there a bible verse that's mean a lot to you lately?

Yes, Jeremiah 29:11 has been on my mind for a couple of days. I guess it's because things are sort of changing this year. 

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

8. What't your favorite memory from 2012 (so far!)?

Competition, That was quick, right? Yep, it is by far the best memory for this year!

9. What are some things that you do when you want to relax?

Take a shower, write in my journal, walk outside, or read.

10. Favorite time of the year?

Spring!! It's the best because it's the time for planting and planning and so much more!

The naked earth is warm with Spring,
And with green grass and bursting trees
Leans to the sun's kiss glorying,
And quivers in the sunny breeze.
~Julian Grenfell

11. What's a goal that you have for this year?

Just one? I have tons. Wait! I better tell you one that might actually get ok....I want to finish copying all the quotes I have collected into a big notebook. It's gonna take a while...*sigh*


  1. neat! i love posts like these~ I went on quite a similar vacation, except it was to Colorado, and it was in a huge 2 story cabin. It was so fun with everyone :)

    1. Thanks you! And how fun! I'm sure you'll had a blast!

  2. I really like your blog here. I just came across it! I'm following you now!! I liked reading about you on this post and seeing your answers!! :)