Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flip Flops

There are fancy ones, casual ones, thick ones, thin ones, colorful ones, beaded ones, and so many more! Today I got to wear Flip Flops for the first time this year! Yes, that made me happy. Why do Flip Flops make me happy? Because I love the sound they make when I walk, I love how easily I can slip them on and go outside, and........Flip Flop weather means that spring is here! Yippee!

Which do you prefer? Flip Flops? Sandals? Flats? Tennis Shoes? 


  1. ahhh I love flip flops so much!:) I have been wearing them a lot lately too! :)


  2. I love wearing sandals! They put less strain on your feet!
    BTW: cute picture! :)

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