Friday, March 22, 2013

six years

This little princess turned six this week. It's hard to believe. I remember when we first brought her home from the hospital all sweet smelling and wrapped up in a blanket. I remember peeking in the bassinet at her literally every five minutes, hoping that she would wake up and cry so I could hold her. I remember mixing up bottles for her(that awful smelling baby formula is one thing that I do not miss!)and mom teaching me how to feed her. I remember whispering in her ear that someday she would learn to talk too. I remember when she learned to sit--I took her too my room, sat her on the floor, put pillows all around her, and taught her how to play tea party. I remember the way she said "yes, ples" when I asked if she wanted some tea. I remember the day she took her first steps and the day she learned to ride a bike, too.

Now, six years later, she brings the same smiles to our faces as she jumps around the room like a monkey, looks up "how to tie shoes" on youtube by herself, and randomly quotes lines from movies. She's such a ham. But a smart ham. This girl is a reading whiz. Some days she sits by me when I'm doing school and tries to read my books. "Aren't you done with that page yet?.... I am."

Ah Mary, It's been fun. It IS fun.


  1. Ah :) such a sweet post, Sarah! Mary is adorable! And don't they grow up quickly??


  2. Happy birthday Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. She is adorable :) Happy Birthday Mary :D

  4. This was so cute!! My little brother just turned six on the 22nd, and I realized on that day how time does seem to fly. It's so fun to watch your little siblings grow up, and see who they are becoming <3


    P.S. LOVE your new header. You are so pretty!!