Friday, February 1, 2013

awkward and awesome...ur... friday?

Yeah, yeah, I know this is suppose to be awkward and awesome thursday, but everything awkward that happened to me, happened last night, so, that's the reason behind the awkward and awesome friday!


- this ^ photo

- getting stuck 35min. away from home because of icy roads and having to stay the night at a hotel.

- my mom's driving...(sorry mom ^_^)

- men scraping the the sidewalks just outside our hotel room while talking(read: yelling) to each other. Never mind that it's past midnight and people are SLEEPING.

- three people in one bed. Need I say more?

- turning over in bed to find that your sister's nose is two inches away from your face.

- hearing a person from the room above ours tiptoe to the bathroom, pee, flush, then tiptoe back. Guys, you can hear EVERYTHING in a hotel.

- burning up all night when it's below freezing outside...people turn down the heat!

- cinnamon rolls...with mold, in the hotel breakfast room. I'm giving this hotel one star...or maybe a half of a star.

- catching your sister's eye as you see a slipper (you know what I mean, a guy wearing slippers!), fuzzy haired man who looked like he'd been in bed for a week.

- people at a hotel in the morning. That's it.

- texting your sister who's sitting in the same room, on the same bed.

- dreaming of a Starbucks Frappuccino all the time


- getting home!

- berry delicious smoothies. yum.

- finding free books online!

my two month late birthday present, my ipod!!

- my sweet followers!!

- gluten free chocolate chip muffins. Two words, so. good.


  1. haha, sounds so funny, though frustrating!

  2. ah this is SO good! I get the whole hotel things. yes oh yes! haha when we went on our missions trip to san diego the hotel we stayed at the floors were real thin I guess. We had the people below us call our room and pretty much tell us to stop walking! haha! she said "your feet, it sounds like they are walking on my head!" haha it was great;)

  3. I used to have that same iPod case!! Love this post <3

  4. And what's wrong with my driving? :-)


  5. Cute pic and ipod case!! So many bad things that happend; wouldn't want to be there! lol

    1. Hey Sarah I'm hosting my giveaway!

  6. Yeah, that stay wasn't pleasant.

  7. Woah now, sounds like your family had quite the adventure! Glad you're all safe and sound now. :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  8. Wow!! What an eventful week:) You are so pretty Sarah! could be a model:)

    Love much,

  9. Nice. Sounds like an adventure. I would like to say fun adventure but I am not sure if hearing someone pee, a hairy man with fuzzy slippers... and never mind.
    *love one another Kennedy. Don't judge other people Kennedy*

  10. Oh my goodness! That would SO happen to my family(: lol I feel for you! My little sister has the same iPod case. Super cute!(:


  11. Wowza, that hotel stunk! :P This post really made me laugh. Especially about your mom's driving and sleeping with two other people in the same bed. :D

    Can I steal your idea for some other day? ;)


    1. It's not my idea, it's actually from The Daybook blog. I should have put that up there! oops!! :P

    2. Haha! Okay, I guess I'll go ahead and do it and put down the link to that blog. :P

      <3 Elizabeth

  12. That, my friend, is exactly why I stay at home, in the comfort of my bed and our nice, er, thick walls:)

    1. Cinnamon buns with mold?!? Why are you even going to bother rating that hotel! No star! Big, fat, 0!:)

  13. Love smoothies!

  14. that is absolutely disgusting about the cinnamon rolls! i don't see how someone can not notice that when you put them out!
    hahahah that made me laugh about being able to hear the people above you! I live on the bottom floor in my apartment complex and I swear, the person who lives about me is a professional jump roaper or something. AND I can hear him (or her) pee sometimes!!
    have a wonderful weekend!


  15. Oh dear. I'm suddenly transported back to all of my hotel memories. You're right. Hotels are terribly awkward.