Thursday, October 4, 2012

the zoo

Gals, I petted one of these dog sharks! I had to work up a lot of courage to stick my hand in and touch this slimy thing, but I did it! My whole hand was slimy afterwards. Yeah, it grossed me out too.

These guys were adorable. They really do waddle a lot.

This is my sweeeeeet tiger. Yes, I realized it looks like it's getting ready to eat me. But really, it was the cutest thing ever!!

 Now that's relaxed. :)

The dolphin  show was amazing! They're so smart.

I'd take him home with me if he learned to control his temper.

I aways knew my brother was a bird brain. haha :)

 The day started off with a drizzling rain. We grabbed umbrellas and went ahead with our plans. Pulling into the zoo parking lot at about 12:30, we noticed there were hardly any other vehicles--which worked out good since we didn't have to fight crowds. There was sooo much to see! Big animals, small animals, strange animals, tall animals....ha I just rhymed. My favorite was, of course, the big cats. I wanted to take them all home with me, but I don't think my room is big enough. :-/

 Mary's highlight of the day was getting a stuffed cheetah for her ever growing collection of stuffed animals. I think they will soon take over her bed. Andrew's big thing was the birds. He has a fascination with them for some reason--me, I just think they're filthy. Pretty? yes, but also filthy.
Kathryn took pictures all day. In fact, Kathryn took all of these pictures. Lauren walked around using her umbrella as a cane, haha...yes she's eighteen. The only thing I disliked was the mud between my toes at the end. But other than that, the zoo is a really neat place!

 That night we ate pizza and ice cream while we watched an old black and white movie. The perfect end to what Mary called the best day ever!


  1. Awesome! =D I think going to the zoo is fun if you have friends to go with! ;)

    I TOTALLY agree with you on the fact that I would take all the cats(big or small ;) home with me if I had a bigger room! haha

  2. those pictures are all so good! the bird one was the best and the tiger one!

    glad you had fun at the zoo. sounds soo fun!

  3. Aw sounds like a sweet day of family fun! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  4. AWESOME pics!!! I really like the music on your blog!