Friday, June 8, 2012

Loss Of Creativity, Redecorating, Room Pics, and Spumoni

Crazy title right? Well, this may be a crazy post!

Lack of creativity was getting to me as an artist. Like some writers get writers block...I got creativity block.(Okay, I may or may not have just made a new phrase??)

Usually when I get a creativity block I just wait for it to come back or I search for inspiration. I waited, searched, waited, searched, and waited and searched some more. But it wasn't working... so I decided I had to do something about it. But what could I do? Gazing around my room I noticed how plain the wall up above my dresser looked and that my bulletin board needed updated. What better way to find my creativity then to redecorate something? So Kathryn and I got to work. We took our two wooden letter's down from the wall(S for Sarah and K for Kathryn) and papered them!

We also redecorated our bulletin boards with pretty paper, quotes, and pictures! Cute?

And what better time than now to show you some pics of my room?? Last summer right after we completely redid it, we named it our Poppy Little Cottage. hehe :)

My room is one of my favorite places to be when the sun is shining in, the window open, and music playing. It's peaceful, bright, and a great place to be creative in! Only I have to say that I do most of my creative things when it's a mess...
And I'm happy to say that my creativity is back! My head is now overflowing with ideas for paintings, drawings, photographs, ect.!

And I thought I'd just throw this in because I though it was cool. Guess what flavor? Spumoni!(cherry, pistachio, and chocolate!) Sound gross? I thought so too until I tried it. But it was actually very yummy! :)


  1. your room looks cool, very nice colors!

  2. Wow. Your room is very pretty!

  3. Oh my goodness! This is so pretty. I love that color yellow. In our old house, my room used to be that color, and I loved it! I also love the letters that you and Kathryn 'redid'(:

    Your Sister in Christ,

    1. Aw, thanks! Yes, yellow is an awesome bedroom color! :)

  4. Okay,

    so this took my breath away.
    the wooden letters look straight out of PBTeen with your artistic-ness bordering it. you ladies are ingenuous! i'm also hopelessly mad about the vision board. it is cute. can i come over and steal all of the inspirational notes and flower decorations? suffice is to say, i blushed when i saw i was quoted. you are amazing. i could quote whole paragraphs of your emails.


    1. Aw, thanks! Wow, 'straight out of PBTeen' is a high compliment!
      No, you can't steal it!! But if you come over...we'll make you one. *grins*

  5. Why ruin a wonderful thing like icecream with pistachio and cherry?!!?
    Love from your icecream craver sister,
    Kathryn :P

    1. Ha ha. It's good, I tell you!!! And I do believe that I saw YOU eating the rest of it. :P

  6. WOW! you have such an amazing room...for a girl! I can see why you would say that one of your favorite places to be is your room, when the sun is shining in!


    P.S. I would have to agree with Kathryn about the pistachio and cherry!

    1. Thanks Eli!
      Haha, you just need to try some spumoni ice cream! It's yummy, really!! :)

  7. Your room is sooo cute!! I love the colors! Great job with everything ;)

  8. Lovely post! I am currently working on re-doing my bedroom...Guess what colors? Pale yellow, green, blue, and pink...Much like yours. =) Thanks for inspiring me. =)

    Jaime Lynn =)