Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lauren's Graduation!

I snapped this shot of Lauren when she was practicing. Don't you just adore the dress?

Dad did a great job presenting the diploma!

Uncle Steven gave a great Challenge to Lauren.

                                                   Mema and Aunt Erica serving drinks.

                               The cake! Not the best decorating job, but it sure tasted good!

The cousins and Mary being silly!

The big display board that Lauren and I spent hours decorating. I think it turned out pretty well.

             Kathryn and I made this sisters scrapbook as a present for Lauren and for the display table.

                              Doesn't it look pretty?!?! Mema did a great job decorating!

                                                              My two grandpa's talking :)

    A few friends and I. All of the girls except for me are seniors getting ready to go to college....it's going to be so hard to say goodbye to them!

The finale was a instrument ensemble. We practiced for the first time about a week before graduation! It was almost a disaster, but thankfully it came together at the last moment.

I think the graduation was a success! It was beautiful and I think everyone had a great time. :) :)

P.S. Sorry for the poor picture quality. My camera is not a good one! I usually use our family camera instead of mine, but we were using it to video :(


  1. ahh great pictures! graduations are so exciting!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I thought they looked fine.
    The video was great!
    You did a great job on the display board that you had told me about! :D

  3. She is beautiful! Her dress was so pretty, and your shirt in the last picture was also very cute =)


    1. Thanks Molly! Yes, I just loved her dress!! :)

  4. Love your pictures, Sarah :) And you all looked so beautiful! Congrats to Lauren!