Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Evening

Every tuesday evening I cook supper.(or ruin it. lol) Tonight I made vegetable beef soup, lumpy bread, and cookies.

The potatoes were not cooperating! They turned brown before I could cut up all the other vegetables and take a picture! :(

Look good?

Yes, here is the lumpy, smashed, gloppy bread. I'm not exactly sure what happened to it. I did accidentally leave the butter out....

What's better than cookie dough? :)

Isn't she cute? However, when we were making cookies I did not thing she was cute! She almost ruined the cookies by dropping the bowl!

Yum, yum!! Cookies!

A perfect(well, almost perfect!) tuesday evening! 

Happy tuesday! :)


  1. I love cooking too!!! It's fun! :)
    Those cookies looked so good! I like making homemade brownies! YUM YUM
    Have a super awesome day!


  2. "I did accidentally leave the butter..." You meant to put "Out" in there, right?! Hehe, you know I gotta give you a hard time :-)

  3. It looks really good.

  4. I LOVE cookie dough!!! :D hints my email address(;


  5. oh my. I love chocolate chip cookies. They're so good.