Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sepia Photo Shoot!

Last night right after church ended Kathryn and I slipped out into the church yard to take some pictures. It was dusk and the air smelled.....fresh! We took turns snapping photos of each other. And guess what? They are all in sepia!! Here are some of our results...

There were tiny little red bugs all over the brick!! I just hope they stayed there and didn't get on me!

Kathryn is a big chicken. She wouldn't sit on it because of the bugs!!

Yes, I was running. I felt pretty stupid considering people who were leaving the church building could see us. And there is a road right out front...

Kathryn looks like she is an airplane getting ready to take off! lol

And yes, I just recently cut my hair...a couple of inches shorter and layered more.

Isn't Kathryn's skirt cute? :)

I wasn't posing...Kathryn took this when I wasn't ready! That's why it's so blurry...

This is one of my favorites!

Oh and this is my other favorite! Kathryn is going to KILL me when she finds out that I posted it! :S

Kathryn told me to look sad. What can I say?  I tried....

Have a happy thursday everyone! :)


  1. Oh, boy you are sooo right!!!! I hate that pic!! My hair is all messed up and I'm not even looking at the camera!!
    If you had known the little tiny red bugs were there, you wouldn't have either!
    And for your information, I do not look like a plane.

    1. I love that picture of you! How can you hate it! ;)

  2. I love every last photo! I want you to take my picture!!
    He He to #4 and #12!
    I also think your hair looks great! :)

  3. Oh, I love pictures in sepia! You girls look so beautiful!
    Good job!

  4. These pictures are awesome! I love using the sepia effect on my photos =D


    1. P.S. I awarded you at:


    2. Thanks! And thanks for the award! :)

  5. Aww! All of these pictures are so pretty! You two girls are gorgeous(:

    Your Sister in Christ,

  6. I awarded you too Sarah.

  7. You don't see sepia tones very often anymore. Nevertheless, these are lovely!

  8. my, you look lost in thought
    in the last picture, like all meditative.
    were you pondering nostalgic summer memories
    or hatching an idea for a new painting
    or perhaps trying to solve a drawing crisis? (:

  9. Haha, I think I was thinking "Oh my, I must look awful and stupid too!!" lol :) :)

  10. Eww! Tiny red bugs aren't cute. You guys, however, are.

  11. You are SO PRETTY. And modest. And I love that.

    Thanks for your comment on my Insta snippets post! I got that dress at Belk :) And the candy was sooo gooood.