Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Means...

 February isn't exactly one of my favorite months, but if you look long enough you will find that each month has it's moments that make it special in it's own way.

February means...

~ lusciously warm socks

~ a bright sun

~ drawing for hours

~ everything red and pink 

~ chocolate hearts

~ love

~ crocheting in beautiful colors

~ lots of music practice  

~ walks around the block

~ tuffs of green starting to peak up from the ground

~ warm bowls of soup

~ pieces of crunchy toast

~ lazy cats basking in the sun

~ tons of books to read

What is your February like? :)


  1. Nice post! To me, February is too hot but I have really been enjoying the Feb rain!

  2. Thank you! Too hot?!?! Where do you live, girl! lol, It's freezing cold here :)