Wednesday, January 29, 2014

in which we talk about being creative

Ever felt like a dry piece of bread? No ideas, no inspiration...  just dry? Have you ever wanted to be creative but just didn't know how? What is creativity anyway? Well, put on a pink top hat with sparkles + blue diamonds and put your mind on a roller coaster because we are going on a wild ride! We're going to look at three things to help you learn how to use your creativity: feelings, imagination, and action. 

First, let's define Creativity.
 Creativity is the use of imagination. You know, that thing you used as a little kid.
Okay, now we can go on.

#1- feel it
You're happy. How do you express it? Do you say, "I'm happy" or do you with twinkling eyes say "I feel like I am smothered in chocolate mint ice cream, covered in sprinkles, with cherries between my toes."... get the memo? Creativity starts when you have one foot in the box, and one foot out. 

#2 -one foot in, one foot out
So how do we do this one foot in, one foot out thing? Open up. Loosen up. Allow your mind to travel the roller coaster. Nothing is impossible... if you want, elephants can stand on one foot on top of a grape... and bananas can wear sparkly dresses and talk. Let yourself imagine in vivid greens and corals pinks. 

#3 -do it
Take that image you have created and put it into words, or paints, or music, or whatever you do! Practice. The more you use your imagination, the better you will get at it. Your life will be like teacups full of sunshine, and smiles dripping with joy.

And because I think it's important, I'm going to throw in a couple extra tips:
 - Creativity takes work. Eventually, you may find yourself having ideas flying into your head like a lady bug, but many times, frankly, it takes work. So, chose to be creative.
- Don't be afraid to fail. Not everything works, k? Not all my ideas develop. Sometimes that little idea turns into something great and that big idea? Well, it got stomped on and  thrown in the trash. Just keep swimming!

A couple misconceptions: 
- Only creative people can be creative. Psh. Some people are naturally creative, but that's doesn't mean you can't be creative too. Kids are creative right? The key is remaining creative when you grow up. Open your mind up... think like a kid again. Remember: anything is possible!
- Creativity starts with a completely original idea. This is huge... and totally wrong. Creativity can start from anything. You see a flyer with bright colors and it sets something off in you, later you see an umbrella with tiny monkeys on it, so you go home a paint a cup with monkeys and and bright colors. See? It's not stealing, it's inspiration and that's totally fine and dandy. 

We've looked at feelings, imagination, and action... and we've even looked at a few tips and some misconceptions!
Are you feeling creative yet? I am! So what are you waiting for? Get busy!


  1. Very creative!!! I love some of your paintings that you have posted. Would you ever consider doing a tutorial on painting? Since I am a painter too I'd love to see some of your techniques!


    1. Thanks very much Sapphire! I had not, but perhaps I will. Thanks for the suggestion! :) :)

  2. Great post! For me, creativity just happens now and then...
    I love the picture you drew. :)
    Tane ♥

  3. All I can say is YES! I recently rediscovered my passion for painting + drawing, and I'm determined to keep it alive. Also, you are such a talented artist/painter; I could spend my day browsing through your stunning works.